Celebrity Cruise Ship Fails CDC Inspection – Again

celebrity-centuryOn February 8, 2013 the Celebrity Century cruise ship earned a score of 78 on their CDC inspection. This was less than one month after its fleetmate Celebrity Summit scored an 81. The CDC conducts a surprise exam to check cruise ship cleanliness twice a year. The score required to pass is an 86.

You can view the CDC Report in detail online now as of this week. As you can see from viewing the report, there are multiple documented instances of sick crew-members suffering from AGE (acute gastroenteritis) who continued to work. Two food workers, a hair stylist, and a gift shop attendant were included in those who worked when they should have been in isolation.

The standard required response for the onset of AGE symptoms is to immediately report to the medical center. They will then be in isolation until 48 hours AFTER the last symptom is shown.

Another issue found by inspectors was that crew members were not following the rules for how long food can remain out before returning to storage or being thrown away. Inspectors also discovered the galley bathroom door to be locked during service hours, and when it was finally opened, it had no toilet paper in it.

There were various other issues that can be read in the report such as food debris in the wash, dish washing machines running with temperature being too low, and even clean plates being stored under the drop off counter full of dishes and liquid waste.

The Celebrity Century has only failed CDC inspection one other time since its launch. This was in November of 2004.

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